vicky cowling maths and science teacher preston

Vicky Cowling – Primary Science, KS3, GCSE (Biology and Chemistry)

Vicky is currently a student at Durham university and therefore only offers tuition during the school holidays or online tuition via Skype or similar.

Whilst undertaking her A-Levels, Vicky also acted as a mentor for pupils who were re-taking their GCSEs. This role enabled her to pass on her skills and knowledge to students in a way that they can clearly understand. She has since had experience of tutoring a couple of high school students and the parents have thought highly of her.

Vicky’s hard-working ethic has helped her get an A* in both A-Level Biology and Chemistry and also complete her full Mathematics A-Level in just one year, attaining an A* grade; this included achieving full marks in 5 out of 6 modules!

The fact that Vicky is still involved in Education provides her with the advantage of knowing the current syllabi and exam formats; giving her the ability to assist students in exam technique as well as helping them learn all the individual topics in which they may need assistance with.