English teacher in Preston

George Kulbacki – English 11+ exams, GCSE and A Level

George is a fully qualified teacher who has accumulated 35 years of teaching experience in local high schools. For 24 of those years he was a Head of English. George graduated from Keele University in English and History before completing a PGCE and an MA in English Language Studies and Linguistics. George has worked as both an examiner and review panel member for AQA and has extensive knowledge of teaching several GCSE and A’Level syllabuses. He has published extensively, writing and producing a number of textbooks and many online resources for several publishers. George worked as a consultant and the main writer of published and online support materials for OUP’s Schools’ Dictionaries section for many years. Despite leaving full – time employment, George still enjoys teaching, writing and producing resources that optimise students’ study skills and approaches to tackling English and 11+ examinations. In recent years, George has worked as an SLE (Specialist Leader of Education) for the Catholic Teaching Alliance. George still works as a consultant, teacher trainer and an assessor for the NPQ programme.